By using our website, you give your data to us. We are mindful of our enormous responsibility, so we care about the security of your personal data, and we allow you to have full control over it. We assure you that we meet all the statutory requirements regarding data protection and security.

By reading this Privacy Policy, you will learn what data we collect, for what purpose, and how you can update, export, erase, and manage it.

This Privacy Policy is part of the implementation of the information policy of Signalo Sp. z. o.o. with respect to the Users of the following website: (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Website’), in any and all aspects of personal data processing and protection.



1.1. We process the Website Users’ data which, pursuant to Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (hereinafter referred to as the ‘General Data Protection Regulation’, or the ‘GDPR’), constitute personal data.

1.2. Website Users’ personal data are controlled by the owner and the operator of the Website, Producent ogrodzeń betonowych „KAMAT”  having its registered office at Niwna 56a, 96-200 Rawa Mazowiecka, NIP No.: 8351424221, REGON No.: 750798833.

1.3. The Controller may be contacted in writing, by traditional post sent to: Producent ogrodzeń betonowych „KAMAT” Niwna 56a, 96-200 Rawa Mazowiecka, or by e-mail sent to:

1.4. The Controller has appointed a Data Protection Supervisor who may be contacted in writing, by traditional post sent to: Producent ogrodzeń betonowych „KAMAT” Niwna 56a, 96-200 Rawa Mazowiecka, or by e-mail sent to:

1.5. We process the personal data provided by the Website Users for the purpose and within the scope required for the correct operation of the Website and for the delivery of values and results within the scope of operation of the Website, e.g. preparation of a reply to a request for proposal.

1.6. Website Users’ last names, addresses, telephone numbers or e-mail addresses shall not be recorded unless the Website User provides them voluntarily, e.g. in a newsletter, a job application, or a request sent to us.

1.7. We also process Website Users’ data of a statistical nature to learn the manner in which the Users use the Website, and to improve the operation of the latter.

1.8. We do not process any special categories of personal data or personal data regarding criminal convictions, violations of the law, or related safety measures.

1.9. The processing of Website Users’ personal data for a purpose other than provided for in the preceding sentences (such as service marketing or provision of commercial information) shall be carried out solely after the Website User gives their consent to do so, within the scope specified in the consent in question.

1.10. Personal data provision is voluntary; however, it may be required to undertake specific Website actions, including the provision of a reply to a request for proposal. Provision of other personal data (i.e. the data which are not required to provide a service by electronic means) is not obligatory, and it shall be at the discretion of the User – the data subject; processing of such data shall depend on obtaining the User’s consent. The User may set their browser to block all cookies from a specific website or from all websites; they may also set their device accordingly – the device may make the settings with which the User may control the information collected available.



2.1. To collect and store information, we use a variety of technologies, including cookies, local storage, e.g. browser storage or application cache, databases, and server logs.

2.2. Entering our website means that information is automatically sent to our website server and, via the browser on the Website User’s device, its temporary storage in the so-called log file. This process is beyond our control.
The following information is collected without the participation of the Website User and stored until it is automatically deleted:
· IP address of the device sending an online request;
· date and time of website entry;
· name and URL
· contacting website/application (Referrer-URL)
· used browser and, possibly, the operating system of the Internet device, and the name of the Website User’s Internet service provider.

2.3. When contacting us (via the form or e-mail), the User’s data are processed in order to accept the contact/request and respond to it in accordance with Article 6 (1) (b) of the GDPR (to carry out an activity preceding a contract). User’s data may be saved in our CRM (Customer-Relationship-Management) System or in a comparable system for receiving requests.
The CRM system is administered by the provider pursuant to our legitimate interest (efficient and fast processing of detailed user’s data). Acting pursuant to Article 28 of the GDPR, we have entered into a contract with a provider, according to which the latter, as the processor, shall process user’s data solely in accordance with our guidelines, and they shall maintain the data protection standards adopted in the EU.

2.4. When being contacted via the job application form, we act pursuant to Article 13 of the GDPR and process data within the framework of the recruitment process.
By accepting the privacy statement within the framework of our online recruitment process, the Website User gives their consent to data storage and processing by Signalo Sp. z o.o. for the purposes of the recruitment process.
2.5. During online recruitment, we collect and process the following personal data related to recruitment:

  • last name;
  • first name;
  • address;
  • telephone number;
  • e-mail address;
  • recruitment-related documentation (application, CV).

Access to recruitment-related personal data is solely provided to the employees and agents of Signalo Sp. z o.o. who participate in a specific recruitment process.

2.6. If the Website User applies for a position which has already been filled, or if their competences predispose them to carry out another type of work in the company, or if the User has applied without identifying any position, we shall forward the application to other company departments to be used in future recruitment processes if the User has given their consent to data processing.

2.7. Recruitment data shall not be used or disclosed in any manner exceeding the aforementioned scope.

2.8. We solely store Website Users’ personal data for the period required to provide a response to a request or to solve problems, provide improved and new services, and comply with legal requirements under applicable legislation. Following that period, Users’ personal data shall be erased from all systems.



3.1. We share data related to and provided by the Website Users through analytical and statistical tools. These data cover unique identifiers, browser type and settings, device type and settings, operating system, cellular network data, including provider’s name and application version number, application, browser and device interactions with Google services, including IP address, failure reports, system activity data, and date, time and URL address of the website sending requests. For example, we analyse data on Website Users’ visits in order to optimise the Website appearance; we use data on adverts with which the Website User interacts in order to verify advertising campaign effectiveness.

3.2. In order to design our websites according to the needs, and in order to optimise them in real time, acting pursuant to Article 6 (1) (f) of the GDPR (legitimate interest), we use Google Analytics, a website analysis service provided by Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA, hereinafter referred as ‘Google’, and the Google Optimize extension. Consequently, we develop pseudo-anonymous user profiles, and we use cookies. Information provided by cookies and related to the use of the website, such as:

  • browser type/version;
  • operating system used;
  • URL address (previously visited website);
  • IP address of the computer;
  • time of sending a request to the server is transmitted to a Google server located in the USA and stored there. Google operates within the Privacy–Shield Framework, thus ensuring observance of the European data protection legislation.

3.3. The User may block cookie storage by means of appropriately adjusting the browser settings. However, not all the functions of a specific website can be fully used in such a case. Moreover, the User may block collection of data generated by cookies and related to the use of a Google website (including IP address), and they may prevent Google fron processing such data by means of downloading and installing a browser extension available at
Alternatively, or in the case of mobile device browsers, the link may be used to install an opt-out-cookie extension which will block data storage on the website by Google Analytics in the future.

3.4. Pursuant to Article 6 (1) (f) of the GDPR (legitimate interest), we use the Google AdWords online advertising programme which is to ensure that devices only display adverts corresponding with the actual or presumed interest of the User.
This Website uses the Google AdWords advertising programme and cookie-based conversion tracking within it. The cookies are enabled once the User clicks an advert displayed by Google. Third-party providers, Google included, display adverts on websites, and they use the cookies stored to display adverts based on the User’s prior visits to the website. Adwords cookies expire after 30 days, and the gclid parameter expires after 90 days; neither of them is used to personally identify the User. Google transmits the information to third-party providers if so stipulated by the law, or if third parties process the data as ordered by Google. However, Google shall not link the User’s IP address to other Google data in any case whatsoever.
3.5. The consent to data collection and storage may be withdrawn at any time, effective in the future. The Website User may disable the use of cookies by entering the Google advert deactivation website; they may also disable cookies used to track conversion by changing the settings to block cookies from ‘’ and ‘’ and to prevent our website from installing cookies.

3.6. Our Website uses the Google Adwords advertising programme and Google Analytics, with conversion tracking and data collection within the scope of its advertising functions (remarketing with the use of Google Analytics, advertising reporting features such as demographics and interests reporting, DoubleClick Campaign Manager reporting, DoubleClick Bid Manager reporting, and reports on views within the Google network). Data processing related to the foregoing services is carried out pursuant to Article 6 (1) (f) of the GDPR (legitimate interest).
In order to support AdWords customers and publishers, Google uses DoubleClick cookies on websites in its network when displaying and managing adverts and these cookies are also used in other services provided by Google. By opening a website and displaying or clicking an advert in the Google network, the User enables DoubleClick Cookie installation in the browser. The DoubleClick Cookie assigned to the browser is the same cookie that is used when entering websites using advertising programmes.

Third-party providers, Google included, display adverts on websites, using the cookies stored, based on the user’s previous visits to a given website.

3.7. Users who are not interested in receiving adverts related to their interests may disable Google Remarketing-Tracking cookies by appropriately changing the User’s browser settings.

3.8. Our Website uses the Google Tag Manager tool to manage the website via an interface. Google Tag Manager implements tags, has no access to data, does not use cookies, and does not store personal data. Google Tag Manager releases other tags which may store such data. If a website or cookies are disabled, the process covers all the tracking tags if implemented in Google Tag Manager. For more information about Google Tag Manager, please go to:
3.9. Our Website supports YouTube functions to display videos. The functions are offered by YouTube, LLC 901 Cherry Ave. San Bruno, CA 94066 USA.
This function uses an extended data protection module which, according to the information supplied by the provider, does not initiate Website User data recording until a video is viewed. When a video is being displayed, YouTube enables cookies to collect information about user’s behaviours. Among other things, YouTube guidelines enable the generation of statistics regarding video views, improve User’s experience, and prevent abuse. Irrespective of displaying the video, every opening of a website results in the connection to the Google’s DoubleClick network, which may cause further data processing processes beyond our control.

Detailed information on the use of cookies on YouTube can be found in the YouTube Data Protection Statement available at:

3.10. Our Website uses Google Maps to display maps and develop access routes. Google Maps is managed by Google. By using our Website, the Website User gives their consent to collecting, modifying and using the data stored automatically or provided by the User by Google, a Google representative or third-party provider. The data is processed pursuant to the consent provided for in Article 6 (1) (a) of the GDPR. The terms of use of Google Maps may be found at:

3.11. Our Website uses the Hotjar tool managed by Hotjar Ltd, Level 2, St Julians Business Center, 3, Elia Zammit Street, St Julians STJ 1000, Malta, Europe, which monitors and records user’s behaviour on the Website. The tool records data regarding User’s behaviours such as navigation, scrolling, and cursor movements. It also collects information about the location, the device, the operating system or the browser used, or about cookies. Hotjar does not collect or store Users’ personal data.

For more information on the Hotjar privacy policy, please visit:
Monitoring and recording may be disabled via:

3.12. As part of our offer, based on the legitimate interest in the management of our online offer, handling of online requests and customer service, pursuant to Article 6 (1) (f) of the GDPR, we provide Website Users’ personal data to the subcontractors and agents of Signalo Sp. z o.o. The subcontractors and agents process them for the purposes of Signalo Sp. z o.o. in accordance with the instructions and the Privacy Policy, applying any and all adequate information confidentiality and safety protection measures.

3.13. Website Users’ personal data may be transmitted to recipients in third-party countries, i.e. countries located outside of the European Economic Area (EEA), or to international organisations.



4.1. The Collector exerts every effort to ensure any and all means of physical, technical and organisational protection of personal data against its accidental or purposeful destruction, accidental loss, change, unauthorised disclosure, use or access, in accordance with applicable legislation. In order to ensure the security of the personal data collected and processed, we apply the following:

  • Encryption ensuring privacy during transmission;
  • Information collection, storage and processing procedure control, including physical means of protection to prevent unauthorised access to our systems;
  • Limited access to personal data. Personal data are only available to the employees, subcontractors and agents of Signalo Sp. z o.o. if it is justified pursuant to Article 6 (1) (b) of the GDPR and required under the contract, or if it arises from the legitimate interest in conducting business activities in an economic and efficient manner. Every person having such access shall maintain strict confidentiality; in the event of a failure to do so, they may suffer relevant consequences, termination of cooperation included.



5.1. In relation to personal data processing, the Website User shall have the right to:

  • demand that the Collector provide access to the Website User’s personal data;
  • demand that the Collector update and correct the Website User’s personal data;
  • demand that the Collector erase the Website User’s personal data;
  • demand that the Collector limit the Website User’s personal data processing;
  • object to the Website User’s personal data processing;
  • transmit the Website User’s personal data;
  • complain to a supervisory authority.

5.2. The rights provided for in item 5.1. may be exercised by the Website User by means of:

  • an e-mail sent to:;
  • correspondence sent by traditional post to: Producent ogrodzeń betonowych „KAMAT” Niwna 56a, 96-200 Rawa Mazowiecka