Special paints for concrete surfaces

Here you can discover the excellent pigmentation and resistance to weather conditions of FerroKryl paint.

What characterizes our paints?

  • Excellent coverage – the paint reaches the smallest nooks and crannies of concrete, perfectly covering and protecting surfaces.
  • Resistance to weather – the vivid colour lasts for many years and does not fade under the influence of sun, rain and UV rays.
  • A multitude of colours – a wide range of colours will satisfy every customer and will perfectly match the colour of the house or the surroundings.
  • Adjusting the shade – adding white FerroKryl acrylic paint to the basic colour can be employed for any hue and colour saturation.
  • Favourable prices – the cost per one litre of paint is PLN 17, thanks to which changing the colour of your fence does not require large financial outlays.
  • A proven contractor – our team guarantees a durable and aesthetically pleasing effect when painting your fence.
  • Universal application – paints are suitable for painting fences, concrete elements and other external surfaces.
  • Safe painting – FerroKryl paints are safe to use and fully eco-friendly. You do not have to worry about vapour poisoning during painting.

Check the available colour palette

Choose from the many shades of concrete paints and enjoy the vivid colour of your fence for many years without having to annually refresh.

Order a colour that will change your fence

Let the fence gain a new face thanks to FerroKryl paints. Contact us and count on paint for concrete which has been verified by dozens of customers.