Resistant to damage and aesthetically pleasing fencing systems

One-sided concrete fences are distinguished by attractive prices and simple cleaning, combined with the lack of the need to impregnate individual elements. The use of specialized reinforcement, in the form of welded wires, guarantees resistance to mechanical damage and weather conditions.

The advantages of Kamat concrete fences:

  • A multitude of types of fences – full or openwork fences, with concrete and metal spans.
  • Variety of designs – a wide selection of fencing decorations and shapes.
  • Colouring – the ability to paint with durable, perfectly covering paints for concrete.
  • High durability – resistant to weather and mechanical damage.
  • Simplicity of assembly – short assembly time for fitters.
  • Ease of maintenance – concrete fences do not require annual impregnation.
  • Property security – maximum security and privacy.

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Concrete one-sided fences are an inexpensive, though aesthetically pleasing solution for fencing your property that will maintain an impeccable appearance for many years.

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