Durable pillars made from good quality C25/30 concrete

Due to the high level of production requirements, we provide a product made from high quality concrete, reinforced with 6 mm diameter bars and stirrup supports.

Solid concrete posts directly from the manufacturer

  • A large selection of post sizes.
  • Solid reinforcement and damage resistance.
  • Possibility of inserting pins for fixing wire mesh, railings, bolts or shutters.
  • Attractive trade prices and specific, professional service.
  • Ability to negotiate prices for orders over 300 items
  • Timely execution of the order.
  • Securing of goods for transport on disposable pallets.
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Excellent support for the fencing of your property, garden and orchard

Our concrete posts easily support the mesh, creating fencing which is durable, stable and resistant to weather conditions.
Chain link fence post
Chain link fence posts

A reliable producer of concrete poles and posts

We guarantee solid construction, thanks to 4 reinforcing bars with a diameter of 6 mm connected by stirrup supports. Concrete posts manufactured by Kamat do not require additional protection with chemical agents. Our method of concrete production, proven over the years, guarantees their resistance to difficult weather conditions.

On request, we can add pegs for fixing wire mesh or other elements for shutters, e.g. bolts or rails. We offer transport to a designated address after prior arrangement.

Choose durable concrete pillars straight from the manufacturer

Contact us and learn about our offer of safe, reinforced and aesthetically pleasing concrete pillars.